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CommVault Brings Macs into Archiving Fold

IT Management | News | Mike Vizard
December 22, 2009 |

CommVault has reached out to partner with GroupLogic as part of an effort to make Apple Macintosh systems a full-fledged member of the CommVault archiving ecosystem.

According to Simon Taylor, senior director for the Information Access Management Group at CommVault, Macintosh systems tend to lock up when archiving data on Windows or Unix servers due to the way Macintosh systems need to access data.

By working with GroupLogic, CommVault has overcome those limitations by allowing Macintosh systems to use GroupLogic’s Archive Connect software to access data stored using CommVault’s Simpana archiving software using the same pointers to file that users would normally see on a Macintosh.

With the addition of Macintosh support, Taylor says CommVault now support every major platform with its archiving software. That capability is especially important because Macintosh users typically work with large files that can be more cost effectively archived on other platforms. According to GroupLogic officials, archiving Macintosh files can ultimately yield up to an 80 percent reduction in hardware costs.



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