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GroupLogic® Announces MassTransit® 6.1, Redefining File Transfer

For the first time, organizations can deploy a single solution that caters to both infrequent and power users while providing visibility and control over every file transfer

Arlington, VA, November 10, 2009 – GroupLogic, the leading provider of enterprise-class connectivity solutions, announced today the general availability of MassTransit 6.1. This major new release includes a new, easy-to-use web portal for occasional users, a completely redesigned user interface for power users and a number of new enterprise infrastructure features. This release has something for everyone in the organization. It makes it incredibly easy for new or occasional users to begin securely sending files without training and does not require a desktop client or browser plug-in. Power users can increase their productivity with a browser plug-in that provides advanced encryption, compression and bulk file-sending features. Finally, IT professionals can use advanced features to automate file transfers and workflows.

A Single Solution for Every Organization

Many organizations today have a massive hole in their IT security strategies: the inability to control and monitor file transfers. Because of the automatic enforcement of polices that limit the size of email attachments with Microsoft Outlook®/Exchange® and Lotus Notes®, staff members are forced to look for alternatives when they need to send large files. Whether it’s Gmail®, YouSendIt® or an FTP client, these users regularly send sensitive, confidential information out of the organization, without any record of the transmission. More advanced file transfer systems are good at tracking and managing system-to-system file transfers, but are too complex for the occasional user.

Only MassTransit provides a solution for everyone: an easy-to-use file transfer solution for infrequent file transfers, a powerful tool for high volume, high frequency transfers and automated tools for system-to-system file transfers. MassTransit provides your organization with a single tool for defining and enforcing file transfer access rights and for monitoring all file transmissions.

“Easy-to-use managed file transfer solutions are a ‘must have’ in any organization,” said T. Reid Lewis, CEO of GroupLogic, Inc. “Most organizations limit email attachments to 5-10MBs and expect employees to use a cumbersome FTP client for larger file transfers. Instead, employees turn to consumer websites to get their jobs done. Obviously, this practice creates security and compliance issues. With MassTransit 6.1, organizations can give their staff the same ease-of-use as these consumer solutions and give the IT staff the visibility and control that they need.”

File Transfers Made Easy – A Completely Re-designed User Interface

For new or occasional users, MassTransit file transfers couldn’t be easier. Users can log into their MassTransit-powered corporate file transfer website and within 3 clicks begin sending files as large as many gigabytes securely over HTTPS. The user interface is as easy to use as Facebook® or Google®. There is no browser plug-in or FTP client to install and typing a few characters of the recipient’s name brings up a pre-loaded contact directory. To send files to someone not in the directory, users simply type in that person’s email address and MassTransit does the rest.

Power users have the option of downloading a browser plug-in that provides many additional performance, ease-of-use, security and tracking features. The plug-in allows users to quickly select and send hundreds of files and complex folder structures with file transfers of over 50 GB. The plug-in also includes the MassTransit Advanced Protocol™ (MTAP) which features automatic compression and encryption and it even protects the special attributes of Macintosh files.

Enterprise Class Infrastructure

MassTransit is trusted by many thousands of users in organizations around the world that range from small businesses to some of the best known companies in the world, including Christie’s Auction House and International Greetings. As a result, MassTransit has been designed to be easy to install and maintain, while providing a feature set capable of supporting the largest organizations in the world.

MassTransit 6.1 is now “Cloud Ready” so that customers have the option of installing MassTransit locally on their own systems or onto a virtual server at a cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services®. While many organizations prefer to install software locally, deploying MassTransit in the cloud can accelerate deployments, reduce upfront hardware costs and increase flexibility.

MassTransit 6.1 includes many other infrastructure enhancements including Linux web client support, automated Active Directory® driven account provisioning and management, full support for international file and folder/directory names with advanced Unicode double-byte character set (DBCS) capabilities, and new reports for optimizing file transfer performance. Together these features make it even easier to administer and maintain MassTransit, whether it’s deployed on a single server or globally to tens of thousands of users.



Leah Gabriel Nurik
Gabriel Marketing Group

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GroupLogic helps enterprise and education IT organizations simply and securely integrate diverse computing platforms into enterprise environments, connecting employees to enterprise files, content and assets to facilitate a more productive and efficient work environment. With more than two decades of experience, GroupLogic leads the marketplace in helping IT organizations effectively and easily manage the integration of Apple products into the enterprise ecosystem. Whether IT organizations are looking to integrate existing Apple assets, purchase additional Apple hardware like Macs and iPads, or want to take advantage of the hardware costs savings that accompany the adoption of IT consumerization, GroupLogic enables IT organizations to easily and securely manage the rapid integration of diverse platforms while ensuring resources are optimized. GroupLogic enables the enterprise to focus on what is really important - competitive differentiation, improved employee productivity, mitigated risk and reduced costs. GroupLogic's proven products - mobilEcho, ExtremeZ-IP, ArchiveConnect, and MassTransit - are in use by some of the world's most innovative companies, including Christie's, International Greetings and Omnicom Group.

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