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GroupLogic Announces New Digital Content Collaboration Strategy

As enterprises’ digital asset reliance explodes, GroupLogic fills key digital collaboration gaps

Arlington, VA, June 29, 2010 - GroupLogic (GLI), a leading provider of digital content-driven collaboration solutions for the enterprise and the cloud, unveiled today its plans for a new strategic direction for the company, a change driven by both customer demand and a growing call among enterprises of all sizes for answers to collaboration problems when leveraging digital content. The increasingly pervasive business role of digital content, combined with pressures to reduce costs and increase business efficiency, has further escalated the demand among enterprises. GLI will focus on delivering software solutions that let companies quickly and easily access, share, and extend their digital content investments to support collaborative business processes and drive strategic advantage – both in the enterprise and in the cloud.

“Managing data was once only an IT administrator’s concern – but now nearly every business process and every business role needs a way to access, share and manage digital assets, whether on a local server or in the cloud,” said Chris Broderick, CEO of GroupLogic. “This new strategic direction builds on our long history helping companies make the most of their digital assets. In fact, our technology had already saved thousands of customers’ time, money, and IT resources while maximizing the return on their existing digital content solutions.”

The explosion of user-created digital content is undeniable, and the increasing reliance upon it is well documented. According to statistics released by IDC in May 2010 as part of its Digital Universe Study, in 2010, users created more than 880 billion gigabytes of digital assets. At first glance, enterprise-generated data accounts for only 20 per cent of that total – but due to the ad-hoc nature of digital asset sharing processes and the mingling of users’ personal and work data on networks and servers, IDC estimates that enterprises are responsible for as much as 80 per cent of the 880 billion gigabytes. Further evidence of the ad-hoc nature of digital asset management is that IDC estimates in the same study that as much as 75 per cent of the data in our digital world is a copy.

To manage the risk from this explosion of data and ad-hoc processes, the most forward-looking organizations have implemented a variety of Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration (ECM/Collaboration) solutions. But while these solutions address some of the functional requirements for storing, indexing, and retrieving data, in many cases, they lack the ability to handle the more stringent demands of digital content-driven business processes, and leave what are essentially collaboration gaps.

In one example, the challenge many enterprises face is an inability to effectively and securely share digital content among collaboration solutions and users. This problem arises because many of today’s ECM/Collaboration tools rely upon 20-year-old file sharing technology called FTP (or file transfer protocol). This technology lacks the security, performance, and usability needed to keep up with today’s large file sizes or the latest compliance regulations dictated by SOX, HIPAA, or GLBA.

NFurther, many ECM/Collaboration solutions don't yet support Mac OS X and iOS 4, an increasing frequent requirement. GroupLogic’s solutions effectively bridge these and other digital content process gaps that otherwise hold up effective collaboration. And finally, another key and often unmet requirement as enterprises flock toward the efficiencies of cloud, is the ability to interact with cloud infrastructures effectively and at high performance levels. Today’s existing technology and techniques are not adequate to solve these problems.

B“We’re excited about this new direction for GroupLogic. It not only re-affirms our leadership in a market segment that is strategic for companies today, it positions us well for the future, as a digital content software solutions provider for both the enterprise and the cloud infrastructure,” said Broderick. “We will be making additional announcements in the coming weeks and months related to new products that will help our customers leverage digital assets faster, easier, and more cost effectively.”



Leah Gabriel Nurik
Gabriel Marketing Group

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GroupLogic helps enterprise and education IT organizations simply and securely integrate diverse computing platforms into enterprise environments, connecting employees to enterprise files, content and assets to facilitate a more productive and efficient work environment. With more than two decades of experience, GroupLogic leads the marketplace in helping IT organizations effectively and easily manage the integration of Apple products into the enterprise ecosystem. Whether IT organizations are looking to integrate existing Apple assets, purchase additional Apple hardware like Macs and iPads, or want to take advantage of the hardware costs savings that accompany the adoption of IT consumerization, GroupLogic enables IT organizations to easily and securely manage the rapid integration of diverse platforms while ensuring resources are optimized. GroupLogic enables the enterprise to focus on what is really important - competitive differentiation, improved employee productivity, mitigated risk and reduced costs. GroupLogic's proven products - mobilEcho, ExtremeZ-IP, ArchiveConnect, and MassTransit - are in use by some of the world's most innovative companies, including Christie's, International Greetings and Omnicom Group.

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