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GroupLogic Announces New Enhancements to ExtremeZ-IP

Improved performance, usability and new ShadowConnect option further re-enforces company’s recently announced Digital Content Management strategy

Arlington, VA, July 8, 2010 - GroupLogic (GLI), a leading provider of digital content-driven solutions for collaboration in the enterprise and the cloud, announced today the latest additions to its ExtremeZ-IP family of products. The latest release of ExtremeZ-IP, version 7.0, delivers enhanced performance, reliability, and usability, which translates to higher productivity for all new and existing ExtremeZ-IP users. In this latest announcement, GroupLogic also unveiled a new option for ExtremeZ-IP 7.0, called ShadowConnect. With this new feature, IT administrators can integrate Macs with Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) Service -- so now Mac users can access previously saved versions of their critical data files from a Windows server.

“This announcement further demonstrates our commitment to empower our customers to support collaborative business processes and drive strategic advantage – both in the enterprise and in the cloud,” said Chris Broderick, CEO of GroupLogic. “What’s more, we’ve introduced new packaging and licensing models that address the deployment considerations of small organizations as well as very large enterprises.”

Given the increased presence of Macs in the enterprise, more Mac users need to quickly and easily access their critical files in a Windows-managed storage environment, However, Windows native access solutions continue to be fraught with performance and data integrity, issues that make them not viable for Mac users. ExtremeZ-IP eliminates these issues, making it essential for organizations that must support a mixed Mac and Windows user population.

And while Apple and Microsoft both claim that existing Windows protocols are sufficient for mixed Mac OS X and Windows environments, GroupLogic’s over 4,500 customers would say differently. The only true solution is support for Apple’s traditional Apple Filing Protocol ( AFP). With AFP, Mac/Windows communication is seamless and transparent to Mac computers and their users. Only in this way can the inherent problems associated with alternative file sharing protocols be eliminated.

In the latest release of ExtremeZ-IP, new usability, security, and performance features make it even easier for IT administrators and Mac users alike to access Windows file servers from any Mac OS X operating system environment.

ExtremeZ-IP’s ShadowConnect option affords Mac users access to the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services Windows. So, Mac users now have self-serve access to prior versions of their Windows files. With ShadowConnect, Mac users can:

  • Restore previous versions of files and folders
  • Restore deleted files
  • Browse shadow copy files with Cover Flow and Quick Look previews

"ExtremeZ-IP v7 adds new capabilities in our continuing commitment to empower organizations to accommodate the ground swell of adoption of Macintosh and the resulting expectations of equality of integration and services with Windows servers,” said T. Reid Lewis, President of GroupLogic. “For Mac users, our new ShadowConnect option delivers the same self service access to Windows VSS snapshots of prior & deleted versions of their files that has long been enjoyed by their Windows peers. For IT staff, our new File Name Policy Reporter tracks down troublesome filenames to ensure complete compatibility empowering multi-platform digital content-driven collaboration."



Leah Gabriel Nurik
Gabriel Marketing Group

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GroupLogic helps enterprise and education IT organizations simply and securely integrate diverse computing platforms into enterprise environments, connecting employees to enterprise files, content and assets to facilitate a more productive and efficient work environment. With more than two decades of experience, GroupLogic leads the marketplace in helping IT organizations effectively and easily manage the integration of Apple products into the enterprise ecosystem. Whether IT organizations are looking to integrate existing Apple assets, purchase additional Apple hardware like Macs and iPads, or want to take advantage of the hardware costs savings that accompany the adoption of IT consumerization, GroupLogic enables IT organizations to easily and securely manage the rapid integration of diverse platforms while ensuring resources are optimized. GroupLogic enables the enterprise to focus on what is really important - competitive differentiation, improved employee productivity, mitigated risk and reduced costs. GroupLogic's proven products - mobilEcho, ExtremeZ-IP, ArchiveConnect, and MassTransit - are in use by some of the world's most innovative companies, including Christie's, International Greetings and Omnicom Group.

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