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GroupLogic Survey Shows Workers Too Reliant on Email for Sharing Digital Content

Despite Security Risks, Load on IT Resources and Readily Admitted Errors, 70% of Workers Still Use Email for Large File Sharing

ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwire - June 24, 2010) - When it comes to sharing large digital files, many workers are shrugging off security risks and ignoring the load on IT resources as they hit the send button on their email programs, according to survey results from GroupLogic (GLI), a leading provider of digital content-driven collaboration solutions for the enterprise and the cloud. GroupLogic released today preliminary results from a survey conducted earlier this month, which focused on the methods workers use to share digital content.

Results from the GroupLogic-sponsored survey of more than 500 respondents showed a large gap between the degree of reliance upon email and the proportion that were informed or concerned about email's limitations. While approximately 70 per cent of surveyed workers named email as the method they most frequently use for sharing a large file with customers and vendors, and 65 per cent said they considered email safe, over 68 per cent admitted they did not know what the limits were for either their attachment or total inbox size.

Likewise, over half (51 per cent) admitted at least one type of other email error while trying to collaborate with large digital files. 27 per cent admitted that already, in the first six months of 2010, they had mistakenly replied all with an attachment not meant for everyone on the distribution. 27 per cent reported an email outage caused a business process bottleneck, and 25 per cent said an over-the-limit "bounceback" had created the same effect. Perhaps most alarmingly, nearly 10 per cent admitted emailing a customer an attachment meant for a different customer altogether.

"Using email to send files is slow, inefficient, unreliable, and actually creates a great deal of potential for legal liability," said Chris Broderick, CEO of GroupLogic. "It's an example of one of the ad-hoc business processes that smart companies are eliminating now in favor of more effective technologies like Managed File Transfer (MFT). We see more and more companies extending their existing email tools with embedded MFT solutions that strip out attachments and transfer them in a more secure, efficient way."

Survey results did signal a greater understanding among larger organizations of the importance of the role of file sharing in collaboration. Companies with more than 100 employees were significantly more likely to consider file transfer an important form of collaboration, at 57 per cent, versus only 38 per cent among the smallest companies. Further, results showed a direct proportion between the number of employees in a respondent's organization and the likelihood that a more formalized tool or process than email is in place for transferring files. While less than 19 per cent of companies with less than 100 employees had a tool, that proportion increased to 35 per cent for organizations with between 100 and 499 employees, 45 per cent among those with 500 to 5,000 employees, and to over 53 per cent among companies still larger.

"Despite email's prevalence, it's clear that once companies really begin to scale their collaboration efforts, company leaders quickly realize the importance of using solutions like MFT for secure and governed transfer of digital assets," added Broderick. "And while we view MFT as a critical means of bridging the gaps in today's email and collaboration tools, it goes without saying that the adoption of known best practices is essential to ensuring effective control and compliance over how information is shared within the enterprise."



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