Breaking News; Acronis Acquires GroupLogic

Acronis has acquired GroupLogic to help IT organizations simply and securely embrace enterprise mobility, consumerization of IT, BYOD and Apple in the enterprise with the GroupLogic secure file access, sharing and synchronization solutions that enable IT to optimize employee productivity and corporate content protection, from creation, through development to storage while reducing management complexity.

From mobile device to any storage location on any platform, Acronis with GroupLogic can now offer enterprises of all sizes secure, easy access to the exact file users need, when they need it, thereby improving collaboration without compromising corporate content protection and dramatically reducing overall operating costs.

Acronis has recognized the need to protect fluid and distributed customer data, applications and systems and GroupLogic offers an important part of this vision with secure, fast, flexible access to corporate content, secure file sharing and synchronization for increased collaboration across the enterprise.

GroupLogic, a subsidiary of Acronis, will continue to innovate and support all of our products including: activEcho, mobilEcho, ExtremeZ-IP, MassTransit and ArchiveConnect.

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