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Smart Card authentication
Secure CAC/PIV mobile file management

Acronis Access for iOS meets the needs of US DoD, Federal, State and Local governments and corporate iPhone and iPad users for simple and straightforward two-factor authenticated CAC, PIV, PIV-I and CIV smart card access to files.

Acronis Access empowers employees who choose iPhones & iPads with secure, managed access to documents stored on Enterprise storage including file servers, NAS such as NetApp, EMC or Isilon and SharePoint sites with built in editing for Microsoft Office files including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Acronis Access supports the common use of searching for a document on a server, opening and editing that document and saving the edited version back to the server, all from an iPhone or iPad.

Authenticate to access files on:

  • Windows and any file servers accessible by SMB/CIFS
  • Microsoft SharePoint sites, including Office 365 hosted sites
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) such as NetApp, Isilon, EMC and Western Digital

Thursby Inside

The Secure CAC/PIV technology is licensed from Thursby Software, Inc. The smart card technology is the same code used by the Pentagon, Army, Navy, White House, NIH and SEC across tens of thousands of Mac users since the mid 2000s.

Smart Card Reader Support

Acronis Access supports a variety of smart card readers including:

Reader hardware and card are not included.


  • Securely access files on Windows and any file servers accessible by SMB/CIFS, Microsoft SharePoint sites including Office 365 and Network Attached Storage (NAS) such as NetApp, Isilon, EMC and Western Digital.
  • Fully managed client providing Active Directory-group based policies for nearly every setting in the Acronis Access app.
  • Built in Office document editor for Microsoft Office .doc & .docx, Microsoft Excel .xls & .xlsx and Microsoft Powerpoint .ppt & .pptx
  • Built in PDF viewing and annotation.
  • Fully supported commercial software with a multi-year history and tens of thousands of users.
  • CAC (Common Access Card), PIV (Personal Identity Verification), PIV-I, CIV (Commercial Identity Verification) and Dual Persona cards via Thursby's proven PKard technology.
  • Avoids clumsy, inconvenient and incomplete workarounds such as virtualized Windows, boot camp or thumb drives.


  • Acronis Access iOS app, version 4.5.2 or later
  • Thursby PKard Reader app, version 2.0.3 or later
  • iOS 6 or iOS 7