MassTransit UDP Acceleration

Transfer your files up to 20x times faster than FTP.

When you need to transfer files across the world, overseas, or under aggressive network conditions like high latencies, packet drops, and congested networks standard protocols like FTP and even HTTP tend to be very slow and unreliable.

By using MassTransit UDP Acceleration you get:

  • Huge throughput increase under high latency networks
  • Under same network conditions it’s up to 20x faster than FTP, HTTP
  • Fundamental for overseas transfers and high latency networks
  • Ideal for very large files (e.g. video) or for transferring multi gigabyte batches composed of many files

Save countless hours and thousands of dollars in greater productivity, shortened business cycles and improved time-to-market. By using MassTransit HP, organizations like yours can quickly and easily share digital content between users and servers, sites and partners more safely, reliably and up to 20x faster than traditional FTP-based products.