Latest ExtremeZ-IP Hot Fixes


Group Logic periodically releases "hot fixes" to its products which provide customers with access to bug fixes and new features before a full public release is available. This page lists the hot fixes that are available for the ExtremeZ-IP product line.

Hot fixes can be used in a production environment, but have not gone through the full suite of release testing of a public release. Hot fixes may also require a more technical installation process as they may have not been wrapped into a full product installer. Every hot fix is cumulative and includes all updates from previous versions.

Group Logic recommends you only upgrade to a hot fix if it fixes a specific problem or contains a feature that you need before a public release occurs.

The current public version is 8.1. Information on the current public releases of ExtremeZ-IP can be found here.

ExtremeZ-IP Hot Fix Release History Pages:

Please select your version - All installer downloads will require confirmation of ownership of ExtremeZ-IP with your serial number.

To download the 3.2 print sever components only, please click the link below:

Download ExtremeZ-IP Windows Print Installer

Installation Instructions

  • Extract the downloaded installer from the zip file.
  • Run the installer.
  • The Mac component will be installed to the selected directory