Acronis Access for Good Dynamics

Acronis and Good Technology have partnered to bring the Acronis Access secure Mobile Content Management + Editing solution to the Good Technology Good Dynamics “secure ecosystem” platform on Apple iOS for iPad and iPhone. This allows Acronis Access to take advantage of Good Dynamics’ secure storage, remote application management capabilities, and secure communications.

Acronis Access for Good Dynamics is a secure, Mobile Content Management + Editing (MFM) application, that enables enterprises to provide secure access to enterprise files and assets that reside on enterprise file servers, NAS and SharePoint® sites. Acronis Access for Good Dynamics is designed to provide enterprise security and manageability via the Good Dynamics platform. Acronis Access for Good Dynamics is for organizations that need end-to-end data protection and want the added value of maintaining control over the app and stored data on the mobile device.

Acronis Access for Good Dynamics has the same functionality of Acronis’ standard Access application, and also allows users to take advantage of Good Dynamics’ security features, including:

  • All information (including files, thumbnails, and metadata like file names, comments, etc.) is encrypted with FIPS-certified encryption from end-to-end – on the device and in transit.
  • The ability to securely separate personal and Acronis Access application data, respecting user privacy and supporting BYOD initiatives.
  • Enterprise admins can set numerous policy requirements (such as who can use the Acronis Access for Good Dynamics application, which versions of the app and operating system can be used, and how long user passwords must be) and can revoke access to the app in real time.
  • Access to the Acronis Access for Good Dynamics application and all related downloaded information can be remotely revoked or wiped entirely by IT, without disruption to the iOS device or personal data.

Download the Acronis Access for Good Dynamics client from the Apple App Store for free. The Acronis Access server application can be downloaded at and is available as a 21-day free trial license with no restrictions.

Why Acronis Access for Good Dynamics?


Push Push communication between enterprise servers and mobile devices
Secure Communication Two types of secure communication: socket calls (TCP/IP) and web services calls (HTTPS) Standards-based encryption (ex. AES-192)
Secure Storage Two types of secure storage: encrypted file system (encryption of file content and names) and encrypted SQLite DB standards based encryption (ex. AES-192)
Management and Policies Set policies for each application (ex. password length, cut/copy/paste permission, etc.) Manage every application (e.g., jail-breaking detection, application version enforcement, etc.)
Creation of Groups, Policies Initiate and secure user groups, application groups Apply policies at these levels

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