Partner Solutions: mobilEcho and Quickoffice

GroupLogic has partnered with Quickoffice, the worldwide leader in mobile office solutions to give mobilEcho end users access to Quickoffice's editing capabilities and enterprise IT the ability to select Quickoffice as the only document editing and viewing software allowed for corporate files. The new Quickoffice-powered Save Back feature enables end users to open and edit corporate files in Quickoffice, then save them directly back to mobilEcho, ensuring that the documents remain secure.

The combination of mobilEcho and Quickoffice Pro Select HD extends the ease-of-use and flexibility of both applications, meeting the needs of both endusers and IT managers. Endusers have simple to use, powerful document editing and mobile file access solution. And IT managers get the security and management capabilities they need to protect the critical file assets of their organization.


The partnership is especially valuable for organizations that are embracing BYOD. The consumerization of IT has led enterprises to embrace the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. However, IT Managers are still struggling with how to provide an infrastructure that enables the secure, yet easy, deployment and management of devices like iPad and iPhone. The mobilEcho and QuickOffice solution provides customers the following:

  • Provides the end user with an easy to use and seamless file access and document editing solution.
  • Gives security-conscious enterprises and IT organizations greater control over their mobile users' ability to create and save files.
  • mobilEcho's advanced security features will keep the integrity of the documents intact at all times - reducing the stress for IT Managers.

More information on this can be found in the mobilEcho User Guide.

More information on Quickoffice can be found on their website