Don't let Macs stop you from deploying a file system archiving solution

Are you using a fie system archiving solution such as Symantec Enterprise Vault or CommVault Simpana to free your files servers of infrequently used files? Are the Macs in your organization keeping you from deploying a file system archiving solution?

This happens because when Macs are used to browse files, they commonly cause all archived files to be unintentionally brought online, consuming valuable server storage space and negating the advantages of file archiving. Until now, mixed Mac / Windows file server archiving deployments were simply not an option -- which may have stopped you from deploying a file archiving solution all together.

With ArchiveConnect, Mac users can browse archived files without triggering unintended mass recalls of offline files.

ArchiveConnect is the perfect solution for deploying a file system archiving solution in a mixed Mac / Windows environment.

ArchiveConnect allows Macs and file archiving systems to coexist

Your organization can use ArchiveConnect to:

  • Enable Macs users to browse archived files and bring online only the files they need
  • Provide trouble-free access to file archive volumes from both Mac and Windows platforms
  • Remove the Mac-imposed performance roadblock to file archiving system deployments

Why ArchiveConnect

Only ArchiveConnect can:

  • Prevent the unintentional recall of offline files by the Mac Finder
  • Provide Mac users with an easy way to bring only needed files online
  • Enable Mac users to bring multiple files and folders online simultaneously, using the Finder
  • Display offline files with a custom color label for easy identification*

* Custom color labels are available when users access the file archive server using ExtremeZ-IP AFP file sharing.