Feature Details

Seamless user experience across archived and online files

  • Seamless support for “stub” files
    Browsing a file server with both online and offline files will not cause files to be restored.  Offline files can be brought online by double clicking the file.
  • Macintosh advanced user experience features will not cause files to be brought online
    Features such as Quick Look, Cover Flow and file previewing will not cause archived files to be brought online to generate “previews.” ArchiveConnect also prevents Spotlight search indexing of network-based home folders from bringing files online.
  • Desktop applications will be able to access archived files and bring them online
    Desktop applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and iPhoto, can access archived files and bring them online through their open dialog, as they usually do.
  • Online files behave as normal with the Macintosh Find feature and through access via the Open dialog in desktop applications

    Thumbnail and preview options will continue to work as they would without file archiving.

  • Offline files are color coded providing visual and intuitive indication that files are archived.

    ArchiveConnect/ExtremeZ-IP bundle only

  • Users are notified when their requested files have been brought online.

    A notification dialog alerts the user that their files are available, making it easy to confirm the restoration of large files or slower restorations from tape-based systems.

  • Seamless support for Mac resource forks which may be archived or left online.
    Mac resource forks can be archived with their main data file or they can be left online.  Regardless of their state, ArchiveConnect will handle them correctly and associate them with the appropriate file.  Offline files may appear with a thumbnail/preview if they have a thumbnail/preview available in their resource fork2.
  • Alternative access modes

    Although offline files will be accessible via double click, an administrator can configure ArchiveConnect to require that users explicitly recall archived files before opening them.(ArchiveConnect/ExtremeZ-IP bundle only)

Contextual Menu Plug-in

  • End-users simply right-click on a file and access a menu option where they can bring an archived file back online

    Right-clicking (or Control-Click) on one or more files or folders will cause a contextual menu to appear. One of the options in this menu is a “Bring Online” option where users can request that files be brought online. If the bring online option is selected then a confirmation dialog will appear before the file is restored.

  • Support for selecting multiple files or folders

    If a user selects multiple files or folders (with or without sub-folders) and then right-clicks and selects “Bring Online,” the system will calculate the number of files that will be restored and ask the user for confirmation that these files should be restored.

  • Finder’s Get Info function behaves appropriately for both online and offline files
    Clicking the Get Info feature will only provide the user with available information.  It will not trigger the system to restore archived files.

Easy to install desktop client

  • ArchiveConnect includes its own installer
    ArchiveConnect can be either installed manually or distributed by third party software distribution tools to make deployment and adoption as easy as possible.

Support and compatibility

  • Mac desktop support
    Mac OS X versions 10.4.11, 10.5.7 or later, and 10.6 Snow Leopard are all supported.
  • Supported protocols
    ArchiveConnect works with the SMB/CIFS or AFP file sharing protocols. ExtremeZ-IP is the only server based AFP solution supported by ArchiveConnect.
  • ExtremeZ-IP support

    When ArchiveConnect is used while connected to an ExtremeZ-IP AFP file server, offline files are color coded so that users can easily see which files are archived.

  • Two or more users trying to restore the same file at the same time
    If an offline file has already been brought online, and another user requests access to the same file, the plug-in acts as if the file has been restored without generating a second copy of the file(s).

2Previewing is not available when using SMB with Mac OS X 10.4