Seamless Windows File and Print Server Access for Mac Users

Are Macs a critical component of your IT infrastructure? Have you struggled with ways to integrate them into your Windows file & print server environment? Fundamental differences between the Mac and Windows operating systems can make this integration a challenge and generate frequent help desk calls.

With ExtremeZ-IP you get seamless integration with your existing Windows infrastructure, while maintaining the complete Mac experience end-users expect. You also get a powerful suite of administration features that enable you to manage how Mac clients access and utilize your file and print resources.

ExtremeZ-IP is the perfect solution for allowing Macs and PCs to coexist and collaborate on your Windows based network.

ExtremeZ-IP delivers seamless access

Thousands of organizations today are already using ExtremeZ-IP to:

  • Allow Macs to use the same file and print resources as PCs, simplifying management and consolidating servers
  • Reduce the number of help desk incidents generated by Mac users
  • Eliminate file corruption and incompatibility created by Mac users accessing Windows servers
  • Simplify administration through seamless integration with Active Directory and Distributed File System (DFS)*
  • Increase productivity though ExtremeZ-IP's improved client integration, accessibility, and performance
  • Maintain expected Mac features such as Network Spotlight full content search and Time Machine backup
  • Enable Mac clients to self-restore previous versions of server-based files, reducing help desk backup restore requests**
  • Eliminate AppleTalk from their networks

Why ExtremeZ-IP

Eliminate incompatibilities that Macs encounter when using traditional Windows SMB files shares, including:

  • Elimination of 'dot underscore' files
  • Support for Mac file 'resource forks'
  • Proper handling of long file names
  • The ability to browse DFS namespaces
  • Compatibility with Mac OS 9 through the latest OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Integrate into a wide variety of Windows environments, including:

  • Windows 2003 and 2008 servers
  • Microsoft Clustering
  • Active Directory
  • Distributed File System (DFS)*
  • Windows ACL permissions
  • Network-based Home Directories
  • Kerberos single sign-on authentication.

Provide the Mac technologies your users expect, including:

  • AFP file server access
  • Network Spotlight
  • Time Machine
  • Bonjour resource discovery
  • Auto-configuration of network printers

* ExtremeZ-IP DFS Virtual Root support is only available in the ExtremeZ-IP "Enterprise Solutions" class licenses; Unlimited-Client, Cluster or Enterprise License (ELP). The DFSConnect add-on is available for DFS support on other license client counts. However, any license of ExtremeZ-IP can be a DFS target. DFSConnect is available on our Online Store. Click here to request an ELP quote.

** Requires the addition of the ShadowConnect add-in, available separately.