ExtremeZ-IP Zidget: Help

The ExtremeZ-IP Zidget is a Dashboard widget that helps you easily locate ExtremeZ-IP file servers and printers on your network.

The Zidget can display file servers and printers either in groups, without groups, or a combination of both, depending on how your systems administrator has configured ExtremeZ-IP. In the example above, the first listing "Support" is a group. You can expand the group by selecting "Support" and either clicking the Open Location button or double clicking the group.

Expanding the group will reveal any file servers, printers, and subgroups located within in it. Your systems administrator may choose to use these groups to organize resources by location, department, purpose, etc.

To connect to a file server, you can double click it or simply select it and click the Connect To Server button. Your Dashboard will immediately minimize and you will be presented with the Mac OS X server login dialog. Note, when you select a group, file server, or printer, the status bar at the bottom of the Zidget will display an optional description created by your systems administrator.

To add a printer, you can double click it or simply select it and click the Add Printer button. Your Dashboard will remain visible but you will receive a Printer Added confirmation in the status bar at the bottom of the Zidget.

The printer will be available for use immediately and will be shown in the Mac OS X Printer Setup Utility.

Your Zidget must be configured to access information about file servers and printers from a specific server on your network. This server name was most likely preconfigured by your systems administrator. If you find that you have to change this setting, click the "i" button at the bottom right of the Zidget to access the configuration options. The Master Server setting can be modified here.