Support Policy

With your purchase of ExtremeZ-IP, you'll benefit from the only Windows-based AFP file server that fully supports Mac OS 9 through OS X 10.6, making it a "must have" for mixed Mac and Windows computing environments. Since 1999, ExtremeZ-IP's performance, compatibility, ease of use and reliability has made it the Mac connectivity tool of choice for thousands of organizations worldwide.

Just as important, you'll gain the advantage of Group Logic's renowned customer service-the highest standard of support that consistently generates customer praise.

Technical Support

Group Logic provides industry-leading support services to ExtremeZ-IP customers with current Maintenance & Support contracts. Maintenance & Support contracts and renewals are available in 1-, 2- and 3-year options* and include:

  • Major Version Upgrades (e.g. 6.x to 7.0)**
  • Minor Version Upgrades (e.g. 6.0 to 6.1)
  • Maintenance Releases / Hot Fixes
  • Live Telephone Support
  • Web / E-Mail Support

At Group Logic, we strive to differentiate ourselves by providing best-in-class pre- and post-sales support to our customers. To learn more about our products and programs, please contact us today.


  • * Your first year of support is always included with a new license purchase.
  • * For customers whose support has lapsed, reinstatement fees will apply at the time of renewal.
  • ** Free major version upgrades available only to customers on version 5.x or later with current support. Please ask your account manager about upgrading.