MassTransit SFTP

At Group Logic, we believe security should be free. Our MassTransit SFTP server offering allows you to get secure, reliable FTP-based file transfer at no cost!

MassTransit SFTP is the perfect entry level Secure FTP solution for any organization looking to securely share digital content within any collaborative environment needing a fast, secure, and reliable solution to transfer information between users or systems.

MassTransit SFTP is supported and offers a rich set of features - it is not just Freeware! Because SFTP is based on the same technology as our enterprise version, MassTransit HP, customers know its industrial strength. For these reasons, MassTransit SFTP sets a new bar for all other FTP servers to follow.

MassTransit SFTP is targeted for any business that wants the advantages of a robust SFTP server while maintaining the same user interface they're already familiar with. Because MassTransit SFTP works with virtually any FTP client, using our SFTP server should be transparent to your enterprise.

Why MassTransit SFTP

  • More secure than FTP
  • Easy to install and use
  • Leverages your existing FTP infrastructure - no rip and replace
  • Shares same code base with MassTransit HP so future upgrades are easy
  • No Cost - because security should be free!