What's New - MassTransit 7.2

MassTransit HP is the perfect Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution to handle your most demanding digital file transfer requirements. Whether you need enhanced performance, increased security, ease-of-use, improved reliability or Active Directory integration, MassTransit is the answer. . Everything is tightly integrated into one solution to satisfy the wide array of cases a company faces, from the simplest user-to-user single-file transfer to the completely automated, site-to-site, multi-thousand-files transfer tasks.

MassTransit 7.2 leverages the power and flexibility delivered in versions 7.0 and 7.1 to add new important functions and capabilities, with special focus on:

  • Expanding the ease of use and accelerate user adoption
  • Enabling flexible corporate branding and integration options
  • Improved End-to-end performance

What's New in 7.2?

MassTransit Plug-in for Outlook- Send files via MassTransit directly from Outlook

Users inside a company or across organizations use email to communicate and collaborate. As part of their daily routine, they send emails with attachments. The number and size of the attached files is increasing, making it extremely difficult (and expensive) to implement and maintain email infrastructures (growth is estimated at > 40% per year). Not to mention the fact that those attachments leave the company in a virtually "invisible", unmanaged manner.

MassTransit 7.2 implements support for a plug-in for Outlook to handle the delivery of attached files. Users don't need to be trained to use special tools or FTP clients to send large files to someone. No need to worry about attachment sizes or mailbox quotas. Just compose an email, enter one or more email addresses, attach files or folders of any size and click send. The attachments will be delivered transparently via MassTransit. This also helps IT by decreasing the load and storage requirements on their email server systems while at the same time, increasing the visibility and security of those deliveries.

Web UI Skinning - Customize MassTransit with Your Corporate Brand

Most often than not, MassTransit is deployed to serve internal users but also to exchange digital files with business partners, customers, vendors and community users. The new Skinning framework allows the look and feel of the MassTransit user interface to be fully customizable, integrating with your corporate brand and image styles.

Checkpoint Restore - Resume file transfer from point of interruption

Files are getting big. Really big. For some customers, like Media and Entertainment companies, Ad Agencies and Publishing companies, it has become routine to transfer multi-gigabyte size files. What happens if the transfer is interrupted due to a network failure or other process failures? Restarting the file transfer from the beginning can waste valuable hours of work and bandwidth. With the new Checkpoint-Restore feature, an interrupted transfer will resume from the point of interruption rather then restart from the beginning.