Self-Service File Restoration for Macs

Do you use Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to enable your Windows users to restore server-based files? Are you planning to deploy this feature, but have both Mac and Windows users in your organization? Until now, the ability to self-restore files was limited to Windows PCs. ShadowConnect is the only application available that brings that functionality to the Mac.

With ShadowConnect, Mac users now have the ability to browse and restore Windows server-based files right from the familiar OS X Finder interface.*

ShadowConnect is the perfect solution for allowing Mac users to bypass the help desk and gain instant access to previous versions of their changed and deleted files.

ShadowConnect delivers needed files now

Your organization can use ShadowConnect to:

  • Enable Macs users to restore previous versions of changed and deleted file, directly from their computer
  • Increase productivity by allowing users instant access the files they require
  • Reduce the number of help desk incidents generated for file restores from central backup
  • Allow common Volume Shadow Copy access across Mac and Windows platforms

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Why ShadowConnect

Only ShadowConnect can:

  • Allow Mac users to restore previous versions of files and folder.
  • Extend VSS restore functionality beyond that offered by Windows, allowing users to directly browse and restore files that were deleted from a folder.
  • Display previous versions of files and folders the way Mac users expect, using Finder integration, Cover Flow style browsing, and Quick Look previews.

* ShadowConnect is an add-on to ExtremeZ-IP and requires ExtremeZ-IP to be installed to access the Windows file server