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DFSConnect is an add-on license available for 10, 25, 50, and 100 client versions of ExtremeZ-IP Server. Unlimited client, cluster, and enterprise license versions of ExtremeZ-IP include DFSConnect in the base product and do not require this add-on for DFS support.

Department/Small Business Solutions

Client Count SKU Price  
10-Client Server DNDFS-L $1,999 Buy Now

Division/Corporate Solutions

Client Count SKU Price  
25-Client Server DNDFS-L $1,999 Buy Now
50-Client Server DNDFS-L $1,999 Buy Now
100-Client Server DNDFS-L $1,999 Buy Now

Enterprise Solutions*

Please contact GroupLogic at 800-476-8781 (international customers please call +1-703-528-1555) or click here to request a quote.
  • GroupLogic, Inc. licensing policy states that each server requires its own unique DFSConnect license and serial number.
  • “Client” means the license will support up to that number of Macintosh computers.
  • All prices include one year of Maintenance and Support which includes email and telephone support as well as all major updates and upgrades.

Maintenance & Support

When you purchase ExtremeZ-IP or Acronis Access, Group Logic will provide all basic Maintenance & Support services for the software for a period of one year. During that time you will receive, free of charge, all support services, major and minor updates, hot fixes, and upgrades for ExtremeZ-IP or Acronis Access that are released during the term of your support program (1-year from date of purchase).

Toll-Free: 1.800.476.8781
Phone: +1.703.528.1555
Email: support@grouplogic.com

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