Upgrade Acronis Access Connect Server

To upgrade, please enter your serial number*:

* If you are upgrading a previously purchased File and Print Server Bundle, please enter your File Server (ZR) serial number only. Your upgrade order will include a single ZR serial number that will activate both File and Print Server functionality in ExtremeZ-IP 5.3 or later. Print Server only upgrades are not available online. Please contact Acronis directly for assistance.

Upgrades from ExtremeZ-IP version 5 or 6 to ExtremeZ-IP version 7 are free to all customers with current support contracts and do not require a new serial number. You may continue to enter an ExtremeZ-IP 5,6 or 7 serial number if you would like to purchase a client count upgrade.

The Benefits of Keeping an Active Maintenance Contract Include

  • Free Product Upgrades
  • Access to Technical Support
  • Fixed price guarantee when opting for multi-year maintenance contracts
  • Painless budgeting
  • Access to special programs (beta programs, product update notifications, etc.)
  • For more information, please refer to our Renewals Webpage

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