About Us

GroupLogic’s proven software products help enterprise IT organizations enable enterprise users to connect, communicate and collaborate in an easy to manage and secure environment, regardless of platform. GroupLogic delivers easy-to-install, affordable products that integrate existing and emerging platforms and devices into the IT ecosystem, so IT organizations can differentiate competitively, improve employee productivity, mitigate risk and reduce IT hardware costs.

The company is committed to bringing to market products that seamlessly integrate Macintosh and other third-party devices into Windows-based enterprise infrastructure.

GroupLogic Products

  • activEcho: An Enterprise File Sharing solution that balances the enduser's need for simplicity with the security, manageability and flexibility required by IT.
  • mobilEcho: The industry’s first and only mobile file management (MFM) software for enterprise iPad and iPhone users.
  • ExtremeZ-IP: The only actively supported file server that integrates Macintosh computing platforms within Windows infrastructure.
  • MassTransit: Simple and secure file transfer for enterprise users—send everything from a Word doc to a feature-length film without worry.
  • ArchiveConnect: The perfect solution for deploying a file system archiving solution in a mixed Mac / Windows environment.