Acronis Access Advanced provides easy, complete, safe, mobile file access, sync and share for enterprises and SMBs.

If Macs are a critical component of your IT infrastructure, you have probably struggled with ways to integrate them into your Windows file & print server environment. With Acronis Access Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP), you get seamless integration with your existing Windows infrastructure, while maintaining the complete Mac experience end-users expect. ExtremeZ-IP is the perfect solution for allowing Macs and PCs to coexist and collaborate on your Windows based network. Plus, new in Acronis Access Connect, you can also provide file share access to your mobile device users. Learn more or request a free trial here.

  • Acronis Access Connect Server

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    Acronis Access Connect Server provides file and print server access to Mac clients and file access to mobile device clients. DFSConnect and ShadowConnect are additional options for Acronis Access Connect that add Distributed File System (DFS) and Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) support.

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    Renew my Acronis Access Connect Annual Maintenance & Support Program.

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    Upgrade my 7.X, 8.X, or 9.X version of ExtremeZ-IP by increasing my client count.

  • ExtremeZ-IP has evolved to support Macs and mobile devices and has become Acronis Access Connect. You can download and upgrade from ExtremeZ-IP to Acronis Access Connect using your existing license key, as long as you have a current ExtremeZ-IP maintenance contract.


activEcho & mobilEcho have become Acronis Access Advanced, combining the functionality of these two products into one comprehensive solution for secure access, sync and share. If you're interested in secure access, sync and share, please request an Acronis Access Advanced trial or quote.

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    Contact Support to upgrade my activEcho or mobilEcho to Acronis Access Advanced.

  • To request instructions for upgrading your mobilEcho or activEcho to Acronis Access Advanced, please contact the Acronis Support team

Digital content and collaboration together drive the need for fast, secure, and reliable solutions to share information between users or systems. MassTransit HP is the perfect solution to address your most challenging digital content collaboration requirements. MassTransit HP is an enterprise-level managed file transfer (MFT) solution that leads the industry in performance, reliability, security, and ease of use.

MassTransit is not currently available for purchase online. Please contact Acronis directly at +1.703.527.7979 or 800.476.8781 or via email at for more information. For renewal please contact Acronis at

Don’t let Macs stop you from deploying a file system archiving solution

ArchiveConnect is the perfect solution for deploying a file system archiving solution in a mixed Mac / Windows environment. If you are you using a file system archiving solution such as Symantec Enterprise Vault or CommVault Simpana to free your files servers of infrequently used files, your Macs are unable to properly access the system and will commonly cause all archived files to be unintentionally brought online. Until now, mixed Mac / Windows file server archiving deployments were simply not an option. They are now possible with ArchiveConnect.

ArchiveConnect is not currently available for purchase online. Please contact Acronis directly at +1.703.527.7979 or 800.476.8781 or via email at for more information.